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She wears clothing as the hip, hand and shoulder joints are designed for practicality rather than appearance. The clothing consists of a kneelength red skirt, a blue shirt and long black gloves. The everchanging SOUL pattern appears of the upper left of her shirt. The majority of the body is made of strong silvery metal with the left hand side of her face being golden. Her eyes and hair stay the same as the tale version. Her mouth is actually a bent screen rather than an actual moving jaw and lips.

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The box like version of Luna is still steel and the screen black and blue instead of yellow and red. The dials and bar are replaced with the everchanging SOUL.

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Optimistic and playful, the Swap variant of LunaD spends more of her time creating art for pages than she does editing the text and categorising them. Unlike the Tale version of TheNitroFlamer, Luna's art is digitally drawn rather than sprite work. Her videos are speed paints, fun suggestion based art videos which she does with Nitro (similar to Drawfee) and digital art tutorials. They frequently have other guests take part in these suggestion videos.

It is well known that Luna designed her robotic form which was then built by Bone Apetit. While having a positive nature, she has a mean streak when provoked.

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