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Createsans is the queen of the Underground in UTAUWikiSwap.



She has ginger hair, red eyes and fair skin. She has black floppy dog ears and a small dog tail.

She wears a pink cape with a silver Delta Rube on it. Underneath the cape, she wears a suit of pink-hued armor. She wears dark pink gloves and dark pink boots.


She is normally polite and hardworking. Although, as told by other monsters, she was formerly lazy, rude and hotheaded. Her temper still shows through during her fight. After her defeat, she apologizes to Cinder for her irrational behavior.

Wikiperson had left her after he realized she still thought "bad" pages could become good with enough editing. Cre starts to cry whenever thinking of her ex or her children.


  • Because of the swap, her species swaps from a cat to a dog.
  • She is still against deleting, despite being swapped. This is from the user filling this role's inability to delete.