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Max plays the role of W. D. Gaster in UTAUWikiTSwap; As Max plays the role of the River Person in UTAUWikiTale.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Max appears as a dark figure wearing a dark grey robe, with the hood off. His body itself is unstable and shifting, but only slightly. His eyes glow a small blitz & blue as his hair is a pure black. His face's skin is pale.

Personality Edit

Similar to his alternate self, Max acts mysteriously and tends to hide phrases in riddles. However, unlike his other self, Max feels forgotten and abandoned in this AU, explaining why he doesn't appear so easily.

Abilities Edit

Max doesn't have any known abilities, as his combat strategy isn't really known to anyone but himself. However it is speculated that due to his unstable form, he can control his limbs to extend or shape in unnatural ways, and even use some of his mass to turn into spikes as an attack method. It is also assumed he has some form of Blasters; assuming to be related to experiments and his relations with the Sans in UTAUWikiSwap.

Relations Edit


The two are close from past events, and is one of the closest to knowing Max.

LunaDeaminac Edit

Max and Luna rarely chat; mainly due to his state in the universe. However the two still talk, similarly to his alternate self.

Trivia Edit

Nothing at the moment...feel free to add!